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Guangzhou wing packaging materials co., LTD

Guangzhou wing shun packing material co., LTD., founded in 1994, the main production and operation pressure sensitive opened arrows and smoke with the sealing label of high-tech enterprises. Garden-like factory located in huadu district of guangzhou economic and technological development zone, adjacent to guangzhou baiyun international airport, covers an area of 15000 ㎡, gross output value of more than 5800 5800 yuan, has now become a well-known industry leading enterprises, leading wire industry development trend. Company constantly introduces the advanced management mode, in 1999 the company passed ISO9002:1994 international quality system certification, in order to complying with the improvement of international quality system, the introduction of more advanced management, our company in 2009 won the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certificate, 2010 through the ISO14001:2004 environment system certification, the introduction of networked production and management system, and learn the Japanese advanced \"5 s\" management model and the \"haier\" management mode, enterprise implement network, systemization and standardization of management, by the guangzhou city technology bureau in 2006 identified as \"private technology enterprises in guangzhou\", 2008 by the guangzhou municipal administration for industry and commerce awarded the \"observe the contract heavy credit enterprise\" title, won the award for the \"national high and new technology enterprise\" in 2010, 2006 from today has obtained a patent for invention, the patent for utility model and appearance patents; Our company is the first in the industry to join the China tobacco materials of e-commerce net trustpass member unit of enterprise and international alibaba website. \"Entrepreneurship, innovation, create customer value\" of the three creative culture is the company's business philosophy, the company has a always adhere to the \"quality first, customer first, technology innovation\" pioneering team. Now in tobacco, food, medicine, clothing, audio and video industries has established cooperation partnership with many customers, products exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia and other places.

Company after years of rapid development, now has arrows and seal label adhesive opening the international first-class production line. In order to meet the market demand, increase the technological content of products, improve product quality and core competitiveness, and purchased the imported with quality screen printing machine and cutting machine; And purchased advanced nc seven color printing presses, four-color printing presses, multifunction wide coating machine; System 4 machine is developed by thousands of meters slicer; And upgrading a number of existing production equipment. PVE series pressure sensitive guy now an annual production capacity of 1500 tons, product varieties are: laser security guy, the colourful security guy, the colourful miniature security guy, transparent colour light security guy, laser color cord, stealth miniature anti-counterfeiting arrows, stickers gold thread, self-adhesive color cord, and the corresponding single species contraction arrows, etc. (candy) is widely used in cigarettes, food, medicine, disc (CD), express envelope bag, cartons, etc have WaiFeng film packaging of the product, not only easy to use, also at the same time improve the grade of product packaging, to increase product anti-counterfeiting performance.

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