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Tobacco packaging materials presented and Market Analysis

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Cigarette paper as a special kind of paper, tissue paper in the possession of high status, while a cigarette material, but also a place in the tobacco industry.
Cigarette paper as a special kind of paper, tissue paper in the possession of high status, while a cigarette material, but also a place in the tobacco industry. Mechanism known as the cigarette cigarette cigarette paper tray with paper, hand cigarette with cigarette paper, cigarette paper as flat. Cigarette paper production technology has its particularity, difficult, only a few countries worldwide to produce. Currently, the global cigarette paper consumption is about 30 tons, one third from China, while 200,000 tons were produced in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Japan, Indonesia and the United States.
World's number one cigarette paper manufacturers in France Wilbur policy - Moody Group (Schweitzer-Mauduit), ranked second in Austria Te Lunbo Group (Trierenberg Group). These two enterprises in the global cigarette paper production plays an important role, Wilbur policy - Moody annual output of 70,000 tons, accounting for 23% of global share; Te Lunbo Group annual production of about 50,000 tons, accounting for the global share of 16 %. Other global manufacturer of cigarette paper production capacity and relatively small scale, such as the United States, Italy Gustavo (Ecusta), Germany, Shule Hess (Schoeller & Hoesch), Graz (Glantz), Britain's Robert (Robert Fletcher ), as well as Italy, Spain, Indonesia and other countries business, production remained at 8 to 10 million tonnes.
China's top five cigarette paper production enterprises: Yunnan Hongta Blue Eagle Paper Co., Sichuan Jinfeng Paper, Hangzhou Huafeng Paper Co., Jiaxing Min Feng Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper and paper.
In the 1990s, national production of cigarette paper manufacturers have 27, production of various grades of as much as cigarette paper up than ten million tons, far more than the cigarette industry's total demand, coupled with the 2-3 year time tons of imported cigarette paper, supply and demand is very prominent. And, from 1992 to the present, ten years time, China's total transformation, the introduction of a 10 cigarette paper production line, its level of equipment, automatic control, production scale, product quality are fully achieve the highest level in today's global, national high-grade cigarette paper production capacity has reached 89,000 tons.
Currently, the domestic cigarette paper manufacturers have expanded production scale, low-grade cigarette paper market has been oversupply situation, combined with the impact of cigarette paper imports, the domestic market more competitive, international market is to ease overcapacity inevitable trend. In 2002, China imported 10,800 tons high-grade cigarette paper, cigarette paper export 07,000 tons (of which 1350 tons of paper plate, flat Cigarette Paper 5650 tons).
Aluminum foil
Aluminum foil as a packaging material development so far, the main barrier of the increase, shading, dust, bacteria and other packaging machinery play a role in adaptation. Use of cigarette packaging in aluminum foil, mainly using its moisture, Paul Hong, moisture and appearance and other characteristics. Aluminum foil has a good protective properties, aluminum foil packs hardly absorb any aroma substance, other materials such as plated (coated) paper or printing paper, metals are lower than similar quality and the ability to protect the aroma. In addition, the aluminum foil as an inner liner of cigarette packaging in the packaging machine on the mobility of a good, even in the fastest machine can maintain high productivity.
Aluminum foil with hard, soft, with dull, whether the pattern of points. Mostly one-sided glossy cigarette foil, embossed, with the soft backing foil, cigarette foil, some have gold foil printing paper, printing and other special mount specifications.
The international cigarette industry generally use composite plating aluminum foil and aluminum foil. At present China's tobacco industry to use aluminum foil-based composite, about 70%, the remaining 30% used plating foil. Domestic production of high-quality aluminum foil and international level is very technical level, but the overall quality of domestic aluminum foil with international standards is still a certain gap.
With the variety of the domestic tobacco industry, tobacco growing and cigarette increasing grade of aluminum foil are also constantly increasing quality requirements increase, special specifications, special requirements of cigarette foil paper (such as gold foil print, mount printing, etc.) occupy a large proportion of market demand.
Domestic aluminum foil main production enterprises: Nanjing Gold Foil Group, Jiangsu Dare Group, Yunnan emerging Yanlord packaging materials Co., Ltd., Shantou, Hill & Knowlton foil mills, Qingzhou, Shandong Huaxin Corporation and aluminum foil aluminum foil mill and so on.
Tipping paper
Tipping paper is used as a filter tip cigarette filter tip cigarette packaging packaging materials, is a specialty industrial paper. Looks like a pine wood because of its name. Tipping paper in direct contact with the lips of smokers, so the tipping paper printing requirements of non-toxic inks and coatings must meet food hygiene standards, and has some water resistance and wet strength. Processing according to the different tipping paper into printed tipping paper and tipping paper coating type two categories. Printed tipping paper using gravure printing process, the surface appearance, good leveling, high technical requirements, suitable for medium and high-grade cigarette; coated tipping paper-based coating process with the use of simple technology, the quality of surface patterns, leveling than printed tipping paper is poor, commonly used in low-grade cigarettes.
In recent years, tipping paper in China has developed rapidly in the function and purpose has been greatly developed and innovation. Tobacco Factory for the purpose of tipping paper is not limited to packaging, pay more attention to the decorative, the tipping paper printing aesthetics have higher requirements. Tipping paper from the original varieties of a single color to multicolor product development, and gradually increased the proportion of multi-color products. In variety, the current tipping paper has been printed over coated paper market-based tipping. With cigarette voice on environmental health is high, as the lower tar content, an important means to reduce the harm of smoking, static electricity and laser perforated tipping paper-based rapid development, particularly laser drilling tipping paper as an important future direction of development. In addition, the tipping paper has also been some cigarette factory as a security technology for anti-counterfeiting of cigarettes.
Major domestic tipping paper manufacturers have Longyou tipping paper full of German companies, such as Yunnan Yuxi cork mill.
BOPP tobacco film
Cigarette smoke short film packaging film, BOPP film is a high-end. Smoke than ordinary film packaging film with low seal temperature and better barrier properties, transparency, thickness and other characteristics. Smoke film trend is just the thin, high-gloss, high stiffness, high levels of anti-static, wide sealing temperature, low haze, low coefficient of friction, horizontal and vertical direction of the contraction of the same.
Cigarette packaging film according to be used and can be divided into small packets of packages used. Domestic production of cigarettes now have heat shrinkable film type, tolerance-and high-speed type three. Shrink film type is mainly used for high-grade cigarette tobacco packaging; tolerance type tobacco film for different types of cigarette packaging machine; high-speed cigarette-type film is especially for high-speed cigarette packing machine.
BOPP tobacco film industry is one of the major users, the total demand for domestic tobacco film in the 6 - 8 million tons. The main production plant are Kunming Kun Ling, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, Foshan, western Sichuan and Guizhou Neijiang public (with shares of China National Packaging Import & Export Corporation), Nanjing Zhongda membrane, Yunmeng Hubei, Sichuan, MasterCard, etc. In 2001, China BOPP tobacco film production of 60,000 tons, the number of basic domestic needs, but part of the domestic cigarette film quality unsatisfactory, especially suited to small package of high-speed packaging requirements. Some high-grade tobacco, such as "Chinese" smoke requirements of the small packaging film composite membrane with PVDC, also largely imported.
With the tobacco industry anti-counterfeiting packaging and growing demand for anti-counterfeiting, BOPP security shrink film came into being. BOPP film is not easily forged security contract, the security graphics clear and easy to distinguish, for easy identification, low cost, transparent gloss, and preservation of moisture, to enhance aesthetic appearance of packaging, etc., in the tobacco packaging industry prospects. In the cigarette industry, if the amount of shrink film, only 20% of high-grade cigarette use shrink film BOPP laser holographic anti-counterfeit packaging, and its demand of 3,000 tons.
Gold pull
Kim opened with a pull cable also known as the tobacco belt, opened pull, pull, and Sai Lu Bin with Kaifeng, Kaifeng for cigarette packaging film, but it also affects the packaging design effect. Also as part of the Tobacco Factory brand, security and other aspects of information bearing material. Kim pull the film along with the promotion of tobacco generated and developed into an industry in China.
Gold gravure color according to the type of cable can be divided into gold, silver, red, transparent color, gold, silver, adding gold, silver line by adding a variety of. Species is divided into ordinary pull, sticker pull, pull wax coating, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting pull, pull contraction, security hollow pull, pull security microfilm, hidden + security (telephone codes) cable, integrated security cable, ten thousand meters ultra-thin non- wall of tobacco and other self-adhesive cable. As the Chinese tobacco market diversification, brands, packaging design around the cigarette factory of tobacco have different requirements, coupled with the fight against counterfeit products have security needs, domestic gold pull in various forms has been toward the direction of product development. This performance with foreign counterparts in order to diversify the direction of development is entirely different.
Pull the world's largest manufacturer of PP Payne is a British company. Chinese manufacturers are mainly pull the beard cable company in Guangzhou, Nanjing, gold group gold cable plant, cable plant Wing Fat Hong Kong, stand up to packaging company in Wenzhou, Nanjing Ninghai flexible packaging plant and Yuxi Yu Hing Packaging materials companies. Among them, pull the beard in late 2000, British American Tobacco Company was recognized as a cable provider. This is the British American Tobacco in China confirmed the first cigarette material suppliers. Because of the domestic gold pull into the international market, international prices of tobacco with lower self-adhesive pull by 40% -50%.
White cardboard
In the domestic market, the packaging of white cardboard the huge demand, including cigarette packaging used a substantial proportion of the number of white cardboard. With domestic cigarette packaging by the soft-box packaging (with bond) gradually to hard box packaging (white cardboard) to develop, with the white cardboard cigarette demand continues to rise.
At present, imports of white cardboard on the domestic market accounts for a sizeable market share, but made of white cardboard with the potential to squeeze this part of the market. China's accession to the WTO, although the rate of decline in imports of white cardboard, but cardboard is a high-value white paper (normal price USD950--1100/MT), the absolute amount of import duty, or higher, even if made of white cardboard all imported wood pulp production, pulp tariffs to zero due to the domestic price of white cardboard or in a certain advantage.
    White card on the domestic mills, how to improve their product quality to meet market requirements, is the key to open the domestic market, especially the ability to open the packets of white cardboard market, domestic manufacturers can say that is a measure of whether the high-quality product quality sign.
Major domestic manufacturers of white cardboard with Zhuhai Hongta Yanlord Paper, Ningbo Zhonghua Paper and Shandong Sun Paper.
Coated paper
Soft coated cigarette box packaging is one of the major markets. Chinese coated paper demand growth began in the 1990s. In the early 1990s, due to technical, equipment, raw materials and other reasons, China has been unable to produce high-grade coated paper, in 95 years ago, high-grade coated paper market has been monopolized by the Japanese. 95 years later, a large number of Korean coated paper in China, after some price wars, the Korean coated paper coated paper in China to replace Japan's monopoly. A few years ago, the Korean dumping coated paper in the Chinese market, the domestic coated paper manufacturers face tremendous pressure to survive. With China's anti-dumping on imports of coated paper, domestic enterprises began a new round of market competition.
The main domestic producers of coated paper are: the town of Jiang Jindong Paper Co., Shandong Chenming Paper, Shandong Gaotang Paper, Suzhou purple Hing Paper and so on. Domestic coated paper in 2002, imports of 61 million tons.


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