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Emergency fire drill

Date:2016年6月23日 10:52

     Fire safety is one of most important responsibilities to us, in order to  protect our life and property safe, recently, our company organized the staff to made emergency fire-drill to enhanced the emergency disposal ability.

    This training was made at producing department, at the beginning, the specialized person would teach staff the safety knowledge, the correct way of using fire extinguishers, and explain the matters needing attention. After making sure everyone fully and correctly understanding, then, specialized guided the staff to make personnel evacuation and early fire extinguished exercises, the whole exercise lasted one point five hours.

   This exercise would not only enable the staff to mater the emergency fire fighting method, but also improved the coordination ability among the various departments of the company, at the same time, we would like through this exercise, do make the fire safety work more better and eliminate the hidden fire-dangers in the bud.


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